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Fossil and Radioisotope Dating

Human Fossils

So, where are the human fossils? With trillions of humans having lived and died, assuming uniformitarian processes similar to today (without a worldwide flood), where are the human fossils, artifacts, and cultural evidence? Evidence of early man is extremely rare.

The fact of the matter is, evidence of early man with written records cannot be documented more than 4,000 years ago (time of the Mesopotamia civilization and early Egyptian empire). The evolutionary picture has men surviving as “hunters and gatherers for 185,000 years during the Stone Age” before discovering language, the written record and agriculture less than 4,000 years ago. It is extremely unlikely that it took “fully” human man 181,000 years (185,000 years minus 4,000 years) to make such discoveries.37

The Biblical time scale is much more likely—that is, man was without agriculture for 500 hundred years following the flood during the Great Ice Age. Contrary to evolutionary belief, evidence indicates that early man descended from Noah and his family approximately 4,400 years ago—and they were intelligent, highly skilled, possibly believed in an afterlife, and had an advanced social structure.38