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Physical Scientific Evidence for Creation


Evolution maintains that high levels of organized complexity suddenly appeared out of nothingness, and that somehow cosmos (universe and heavens) was produced by some primordial explosion referred to as the Big Bang. The process of evolution requires that “atoms organize themselves into increasingly complex and beneficial, ordered arrangements9… thus, over eons of time, billions of things are supposed to have developed upward, becoming more orderly and complex.”10

This idea is completely contradicted by the Second Law, which stipulates that all real “systems and processes” including all biological and physical processes, naturally diminish to lower levels of organization and complexity—regardless of whether the system is open or closed.11 According to Dr. R. B. Lindsay, Ph.D. in physics, the Second Law reveals that the “natural tendency of complex, ordered arrangements and systems is to become simpler and more disorderly with time.”12 In summary, there is an irreversible downward trend at work throughout the universe.

Additionally, mutations--which express the Second Law--force us to realize that we, as human beings, are not nearly as intelligent as our early ancestors—of course, this is contrary to popular belief. Because of evolutionary teaching, many people are under the false assumption that our generation is the most intelligent. This is simply not the case. Modern technology such as airplanes, automobiles, computers, and medical diagnostics and vaccines is the result of “accumulation of knowledge” over many centuries. “We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.”13 Just look around: our brains and bodies have suffered through 6,000 years of degeneration (mainly through genetic mutations and diseases). It is important to make a distinction between evolution and accumulated knowledge—accumulated knowledge and new technology are not evolution.14

Evolutionists have attempted to harmonize entropy and evolution, but this is not possible because one is the antithesis of the other. Many scientists believe that the Second Law of Thermodynamics disproves the theory of evolution and is one of the important reasons why many esteemed research scientists have abandoned evolutionary doctrine in favor of creationism.